WRIG Directors

Would you like to become a WRIG director? We are looking for willing and enthusiastic persons willing to volunteer some time once a month to assist in planning and organization of our groups activities for the year.

Our Mission:

With protection of the environment always at the core of its mandate, the Wheatley River ImprovementGroup will take actions that support the WRIG Stewardship Plan in general and the Vision in particular, focusing on creating a healthy and sustainable environment by improving the quality of both drinking water and surface water

Our vision is for a watershed in which the soil, forests and water are healthy and supportive of a rich diversity of aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals, where farmers and fishers are able to make a living for generations to come and where all residents have access to clean, healthy water.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Attending the monthly board meeting – generally occurs on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM at the WRIG office
  • Collaborating with other directors to come to decisions on expenditures, events etc
  • Volunteer at WRIG events based on availability


Bylaws of WRIG will be posted here in the coming weeks as well as further general information about the position and we welcome all who would like to participate in preserving our watershed!