Summer Field Work 2016

The 2016 Field Crew was led by Brittany MacLean, Supervisor the past 3 years and two new faces, Hailey Blacquiere as Field Crew Technician and Emma Spence as Riparian Health Technician, a new position here at WRIG. The Field Crew had a great season this year and accomplished a lot of work this field season, improving habitat and water quality all around the Wheatley River

Stream Restoration, Tree Planting and Riparian Health Assessments.

  • 966 native trees and shrubs were planted by the WRIG staff this year, at 11 different sites.
  • 8.65 km of stream on 3 major branches in the Wheatley River were restored for fish passage.
  • 8 brush mats were installed
    • 4 on Little Bungay Branch
    • 4 on west part of the Little Bungay Branch.