Summer Field Work 2014

The 2014 WRIG Field Crew was led by Brittany Maclean (Supervisor), Jerrica Cormier (Technician). Staff took part in training sessions including Watershed Restoration Techniques explaining how to build brush mats and install small flow diversion structures, and Tree Planting and Pruning, which detailed how to plant a tree in natural conditions and pruning advice for successful plants. The Field Crew had a great season and accomplished a lot of work to improve the habitat and water quality of the Wheatley River Watershed!

Stream Restoration, Tree Planting, and Riparian Health Assessment.

  • 793 trees planted by WRIG Staff at 8 sites in the WR Watershed (Also partnered in 1 major planting in the CAWG watershed), ~225 trees planted by volunteers on private land.
  • Constructed 8 brush mats:
    • 3 on the Wheatley River South Tributary,
    • 3 on the Wheatley River-Bungay South Tributary, and
    • 2 on the Wheatley River-Bungay North-West Tributary
  • Recovery and restoration of the accessible dock at Rackham’s Pond.
  • Removed 6 major blockages (requiring volunteer assistance with chainsaw).
  • Assessed, Cleared and restored 7.9 km of streams in our watershed
  • Performed Riparian Health Assessments on two previously unassessed sections of tributaries
  • 2 Shoreline clean ups along the Barachois Beach and Rustico Bay (west of Oyster Bed Causeway), at the partnership request of the Aquaculture alliance and the Island Nature Trust.

We also had a lot of fun with community events and public awareness activities over the field season, including the spring Environmental Fun Day, Canada Day 2014, Rendezvous Rustico, Wheatley River Old Fashioned Picnic, a Watershed Mural Unveiling at Wheatley River Hall , and our annual Celebrate our River and Duck Race Event.


Read our field crew supervisor’s report for 2014 here.