Summer Field Work 2011

Again this year, The Wheatley River Improvement Group’s summer field crew were an amazing group of dedicated workers.

Leading the group was supervisor, Beverly Brooks-Ward, a 3rd year student from UPEI, along with Denver Parkman &  Eric Sylvester, surpassed the groups goals for stream remedial work.

Joining the 2011 team, Riparian Health Surveyor, Christine Mc Lauchlan, also from UPEI,  covered an amazing amount of stream in the Wheatley River and Hunter Clyde watersheds identifying both the pristine and the problem areas.

Her important assessment work will help our groups plan for next seasons field work.

From attending an early season training session organized by the PEI Watershed Alliance,  attending first aid training, teaming up with the Hunter-Clyde and Trout River’s crews for a few days to help in each others projects, working with DFO’s Community (Estuary) Monitoring Program, the summer provided many learning opportunities and an interesting mix of experiences.

Joining the HCWG field crew and the Bearded Skipper, a deep sea fishing expedition out of North Rustico finished off the crew’s 2011 field season.

Thank you to Beverly, Christine, Eric and Denver, this years outstanding crew, from WRIG’s Board of Directors, the watershed and the landowners, for all your hard work.    

If you are a student and interested in this type of work, contact WRIG or your local watershed group to inquire about employment possibilities in the 2012 field season.