Summer Field Work 2010

2010 was one of WRIG’s most successful field season to date.

With strong leadership from our supervisor, Connor Youngerman, our dedicated field crew reached it goals of in-stream work and tree planting. Thanks to Connor, Brodie MacLeod and Iddo van der Geer for a fine season.

Attending a early season training session for PEI  watershed groups field staff,  first aid training, teaming up with the Hunter-Clyde Watershed field crew for a few days to help in each others projects, building a Rock Pool with the Salmon Federation’s Todd Dupuis and Peter Williams from The West River Group and working with Brynley Horsfiled, WRIG and HCWG’s  Riparian Health Surveyor, provided learning opportunities and an interesting mix of experiences.

To read the details of the field season, read Connors Report – Summer Field Report 2010

If interested in this type of work, contact WRIG or your local watershed group and inquire.